This Map Shows Warming’s Fingerprints on Weather

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Trying to figure out if that set of 100-year floods that occurred 5 years apart, those record wildfire seasons or epic droughts are just part of a natural cycle or influenced by human-caused climate change? Now there’s a map to help.

The field of climate science that looks for the fingerprints of climate change on extreme weather events has been growing rapidly in recent years, making it hard to keep track of the dozens of studies that have been done.

A new interactive map put together by Carbon Brief, a UK-based data journalism site, makes that task easier. It rounds up the results of those attribution studies, as they are called, and color-codes them according to whether or not they found a discernable influence from human-induced warming. Nearly two-thirds of the 137 studies did find such an influence, in particular those looking at heat waves.

The map will be updated as new studies become available.