Climate change won’t wait for political change

Over at the Star, Linda McQuaig writes about how taking action to stop climate change is often thwarted at the political level, often by politicians more beholden to Big Oil's interests than their constituents'. This despite the fact that more people in Canada now oppose than support things like new pipelines, and want to see their country capitalize on the green energy revolution.

In a powerful new book, Oil’s Deep State, Kevin Taft argues that the petroleum industry has effectively captured control of our key democratic institutions — government, opposition, universities, regulators, parts of the civil service, etc.

Taft, who writes from experience as former Leader of the Opposition in Alberta, argues that this “capture” of democratic institutions explains the otherwise baffling failure of our democracy to deal with something as threatening to our interests as global warming.

“Left to its free devices, a healthy democracy will respond to a pressing and substantive issue like global warming with deliberation, debate and resolution,” Taft writes.

He notes that that’s how Canada and other democracies responded in the ’80s and early ’90s, but “since then, the prolonged efforts and vast expenditures of the fossil fuel industry have corrupted the shape and form of the democratic process itself.”

Climate change won't wait for political change, by Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star

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