Little Blue Marble Awards-Eligible Authors & Stories

Since it's that time of year, here's another list: the Little Blue Marble stories that are eligible for the SFF awards season. Note that Salvatore Difalco, Charlotte H. Lee, and Melissa Yuan-Innes are also eligible for the Canadian Aurora Awards.

Drawing the Line

Yevgeny cursed under his breath. Philippa smiled. “Things not going to plan?” the elderly woman asked. “Things never go to ...
/ Fiction, Gustavo Bondoni

Three Little Arcologies

Once Upon A Time, there were three little buildings that dreamed of being self-sustaining. One was covered in stone, one ...
/ Fiction, Marie Vibbert

When Last the Cicadas Sang

“Let’s go listen for cicadas,” Ansibel said. The eight-year-old picked at a big book of insects with grubby fingernails. “They ...
/ Anthony W. Eichenlaub, Fiction
Robot mermaid

Seeing Clearly

The water in the tank that circled the Mermaid Dining Room had gotten brackish and thick. Edwidge crawled onto a ...
/ Fiction, Marie Vibbert
Honey Bee by Mike Keeling

The Smallest Atom in the World

Dear Hominid: By now, you are probably wondering where your chocolate is. Your apples and sunflowers have vanished, and strawberry ...
/ Fiction, Melissa Yuan-Innes
Touch Healthy Soil by NRCS Soil Health Campaign

The Soil Merchant

Orson dragged his tired cart through the bustling square of another dust-covered town. A small bar built into the remains ...
/ Anthony W. Eichenlaub, Fiction
Colombo Canal by Dennis Mombauer

The Streets Turned Blue and Green

“The whole neighbourhood is abandoned.” Aleyah adjusted her hijab and grinned at her two friends. “Literally.” They dangled their legs ...
/ Dennis Mombauer, Fiction
Elephant sunset by Jon Rawlinson-web

Sea Change

The Sea was rising; there was no doubt about it. Tiuwike had heard the grownups converse about it in hushed ...
/ F. J. Bergmann, Fiction
Making sugarcraft roses byRexness

In the Event of a Famine

“Everything in this house is edible,” the real estate agent said. “I mean everything, the foundation, the brickwork, the plaster, ...
/ Fiction, Salvatore Difalco
Tornado By Brian Khoury


Cara thumbed off the launcher’s safety, wishing she could as easily shut down the monster-sized butterflies bouncing around in her ...
/ Charlotte H. Lee, Fiction
Teatro Amazonas by Camila Boehm, OBORÉ / Projeto Repórter do Futuro

The Barber of Manaus

Felipe Santos da Silva swallowed. His palms were slick with sweat—whether due to the tropical heat or his nerves, he ...
/ Fiction, Gustavo Bondoni
butterfly by thematthewknot

This is an Optimistic Science Fiction Story About the Future

We all have jetpacks. I’m an old, overweight man with hairy legs, and I have a jetpack. No one judges ...
/ Fiction, Marie Vibbert
Sandbags Near Galle Face Green by Indi Samarajiva

False Alarm

The bickering voices behind him, Mayor Edmund Parker stood at his study’s west window. He looked down Belmont Hill, out ...
Dust Storm by Jesse Wagstaff-filtered

The Evac

The landing craft shook like an ancient washing machine as it broke the planet’s atmosphere. Staff Sergeant Jacqueline “Jax” Caruthers, ...
/ Fiction, Thomas Webb

A Verdant Heart

Father’s leaves are wilting again. The bright green sprouting from his temples is tipped with crusty brown along the margins ...
/ Fiction, Melanie Rees
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