Because there is, at the moment, only one little blue marble for all of us, our goal is to bring greater awareness of the consequences and potential solutions to anthropogenic climate change. We do this by linking to great content from around the web, and publishing original articles and works of speculative fiction.

Little Blue Marble is published and edited by Katrina Archer, a software engineer, author, and editor.

Little Blue Marble is a passion project, and as such is entirely funded by advertising, donations, and purchases of our year-end anthologies.

If you enjoy our content and believe in our mission, please consider a donation or advertising with us, or better yet, become one of our patrons. Please contact lbm (at) littlebluemarble (dot) ca for advertising rates. We reserve the right to refuse ads from entities whom we believe are actively harming our biosphere.

We do pay for original content, but at the moment our budget limits us to only one or two original works per month.

If you are interested in submitting content to Little Blue Marble, please see our submission guidelines.

Image Credits

Header image composited from "Blue marble on rocky terrain", courtesy Zoltán Vörös, under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License, and "The Blue Marble", courtesy Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center.


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