Liam Burke is an independent author with a penchant for a variety of speculative fiction. His main passion is for juxtaposing biting humour along with the sharp teeth of horror, razor code of cyberpunk, and back alley deals of urban fantasy.

 He spends any free time he can either crafting stories with his friends, at the mercy of small plastic polygons on a table, or slaying digital baddies in computerized dimensions. He is a member of the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers group, and possibly several secret societies plotting world domination. Or snack eating. One of those.

By Liam Burke

Replanting the Garden - Black woman fading in from apocalyptic garden

Replanting the Garden

The airborne drop ship Yggdrasil, TREE class vessel, soared through the clouds of gathering CO2, claxons blaring a warning that ...
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