Meat or No Meat? The debate continues

In  | | by September 18, 2018
Here's an interesting counterpoint in the Guardian to the "giving up meat will save the climate" argument. The problem with abandoning meat is that the resulting industrial farming puts too much pressure on the soil, and depletes already limited fertilizer resources. In the UK topsoil depletion is so severe that in 2014 the trade magazine […]

Return of the Wild

In  | | by July 27, 2018
The future needs reimagining in light of the current ecological crisis. Untrammelled development and unthinking modernisation seem insufficient in the face of disaster, and there’s a desperate need for a post-human-centred worldview. The Wild Futures concept imagines a future with extensive ecological, social, and cultural restoration. It attempts to picture what a long-lived, truly sustainable […]

For the wine industry, climate change could be the ultimate buzzkill

In  | | by December 18, 2017
People love wine. We don’t just drink it; we share it, pair it with food, and toast occasions with it. We study it, taste it, and write books and articles about it. A nice bottle of wine is a foolproof hostess gift; a slightly nicer one, a go-to retirement or wedding present. At some point […]
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