Submission response delays

In  | by June 25, 2018
We apologize to authors whose stories have been in our submission queue for an inordinate amount of time. Editorial has been experiencing some severe computer issues that we hope to have resolved by the beginning of July 2018.

Now You Can Take Little Blue Marble Home

In  by January 30, 2018
It's here! If you loved our stories this year, we've put them all together in one convenient collection for you. The Little Blue Marble 2017 anthology has arrived at a digital bookstore near you. Get all the stories we published in 2017 in one book. M. Darusha Wehm shows us our blue marble as viewed […]

Awards Eligibility Post for 2017

In  by January 12, 2018
It's that time of year when certain readers start thinking about nominations for various SFF awards like the Hugos and Nebulas. Little Blue Marble hasn't been around for long, and our slate of original fiction this year was quite small, but that's no reason not to boost and celebrate our contributors. Without further ado, here […]

Help Support Little Blue Marble!

In  | by November 18, 2017
Do you like Little Blue Marble's original content? Would you like to see more stories about our possible futures living with anthropogenic climate change? Well, now you can help us give you just that, by contributing financially to the magazine via our new Support Little Blue Marble page, or the contribution buttons in the sidebar. […]

When Is Discussing Climate Change and Disasters Together OK?

Over on Syfy, Phil Plait has a great opinion piece called Now Is Exactly The Time We Should Be Talking About Climate Change. In it, he addresses those who, when disaster strikes, inevitably pull out the "stop politicizing human suffering" card. We need to listen to climate scientists now, as we should have been listening to […]

We're Back And Open For Business

In  | by September 15, 2017
Little Blue Marble editorial is back from our wandering ways. Some of the more observant among you might have noticed that we've also updated our submission policy: we are now fully open to submissions for an indeterminate amount of time, so please pass along your great climate change stories for our perusal. Feel free to […]

Gone Walkabout

In  by August 1, 2017
If the new posts and updates are a little thin around here for the next little while, it's because Little Blue Marble editorial has gone walkabout. If you happen to be in Helsinki next week, you can join us at the 75th World Science Fiction convention where we'll be on a panel discussing climate change […]

150 Years of Canada

Today we celebrate 150 years of Canadian Confederation. Little Blue Marble is proud to be Canadian, but is also a citizen of the world. After a brief interlude where it seemed Canada was drifting into anti-science and anti-environmental policies, for the benefit of corporate gain, Canada has once again become a beacon of progressive values […]

Welcome to Little Blue Marble

Welcome to Little Blue Marble, a clearinghouse for the latest developments involving the climate crisis. Our mission is to bring you the best climate and sustainability news from around the web, as well as original fiction and articles exploring alternative visions about our future living with the climate crisis. Little Blue Marble got its start […]
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