Dilemma, with Omnivore

Keyan Bowes
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Cathy Smith
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Under This Rock

Andrew Dana Hudson
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The Soil Merchant

Anthony W. Eichenlaub
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Preventative Maintenance

In  by July 11, 2017
As I belly-crawled through the conduit, I saw my boss Matthews’ smiling face in my mind’s eye and regretted not fighting harder to get out of this assignment. “Why me?” I’d asked. “Why not you?” she’d countered. Surely a smaller, thinner, person would have been better suited for this job—that was why not me. Damned […]

A Distant Honk

In  by July 1, 2017
The footprints were as big as my snowshoe, the narrow heel a crisp outline, the impression not more than a couple of hours old. The clown tracks beelined from the forest edge toward my campsite, then grew more erratic as they disappeared between dark spruce trees hunched under their winter burdens. I shuddered, picturing it […]


In  by June 19, 2017
It is a long lazy Irish day, as Irish days can be as June winds down its sails to be relieved on station by July, sun drifting over the horizon, taking forever to make up its mind to dip a toe in the ocean, haze dimming it to a scarlet blush as thoughts of you […]
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