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A Sea of Plastic

Bo Balder
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Seeing Clearly

Marie Vibbert
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Grass Still Grows

S. A. McKenzie
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Shaping Lakes and Honeycakes

In  by April 14, 2023
Melia stood upon the shores of the receding lake, shaping her tale for the meagre audience of children and elders. Storyshaping always came easier when there were more listeners, but this was her third attempt this moon cycle at reshaping the lake’s story, with little to show for her efforts; she couldn’t blame the others […]

Seeds, Temporarily in Their Bed of Lint 

In  by March 24, 2023
The puckering taste of lemon lingers in my memory. Bright, like the stars out my window. Distant for now, like them, too. Eight worlds. Eight worlds in nine standard years. But none of them perfect. Each star system has plenty of planets orbiting within, swirling in their gravity pools. Most of those are uninhabitable. My […]

The Longest Breath

In  by March 10, 2023
Ayuko hadn’t spoken aloud since Mina brought her to Seven Palms nearly a month earlier. She was angry at her daughter for forcing her to leave Japan for Florida. At the same time, she resented Mina, her only child, for not making more frequent visits to the retirement home. Ayuko avoided interacting with the Seven […]

Sing the Phoenix to Flame

In  by February 24, 2023
Once, Tena Na Tena had been certain when she sang. Injustice gathered within her, swirling tighter until it solidified into a beat, lyrics, melody. When it clicked into place, she let it out. It wasn’t as if she planned carefully, weighing the implications of her words or the mode of release. She knew right and […]

The Boggart of Campsite C47

In  by February 10, 2023
Boggarts don’t generally pick up rubbish but Moulde has no choice today. Loosening tent pegs, pouring water on sleeping bags, opening cooler lids—nothing discourages this year’s campers. Like wild boars across Yorkshire moors, the bloody pillocks just keep marauding through the campgrounds of Alberta Western Provincial Park. What Moulde wouldn’t give to be back in […]

The Chrysalis

In  by January 27, 2023
“You don’t actually believe all that do you?” “You’re such a baby!” “Caterpillars don’t become butterflies.” “The adults just switch them when you’re not looking, you idiot.” “Magic’s for babies.” “Leave her alone! You’ll ruin it for her.” “Maybe you’ll turn into a big smelly cockroach!” Loz tried to look away, but her cousins were […]

I Think That I Shall Never See

In  by January 13, 2023
Good afternoon, fellow tree lovers, and welcome to the North American Biosphere Tree Museum. My name is Aliah—I’ll be your guide today. Step through the airlock and we’ll begin the tour. Please feel free to ask questions at any time. Our museum houses the most extensive collection of preproprietary tree species in the world. We […]

Farming with Cranky

In  by December 23, 2022
It’s hot. It’s always hot. It is cooler up at the other end of the field under the shade of the big trees, but I still prefer it down this end, in the heat. The trees are so big, so dark and mossy and quiet—it’s scary. Dad says they grow like that because of the […]

I Hope This Email Does Not Find You

In  by December 9, 2022
Debris crunched beneath Pepper’s wheelchair as she rolled along the top floor of the Stonegrove Shopping Mall. Just small scraps, though, the kind she could roll over without her wheels catching. This area of the midsized mall was largely cleared out since most of the community lived up here, where they could access the vegetable […]

The Windtech

In  by November 25, 2022
The first thing we learn when the windtech arrives is that wind turbines are female—or at least he calls them all “she” for some reason. “She looks to be in remarkably good shape,” he says as he peers through a pair of binoculars at the nearest turbine, which is standing idle in the distance. Its […]
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