Cetacean Reprocessors, Inc.

Jason P. Burnham
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A Sea of Plastic

Bo Balder
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Microclimates of the Rich and Famous

R. K. Duncan
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The Last Stand

Christoph Weber
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Exiled Together: Faces of Contemporary New York

In  by May 14, 2021
From Exiled Together: Faces of Contemporary New York, Online Edition: “My grandfather was a Navy man. He sailed all over the world, the Bay of Bengal, the Pacific Islands. Wherever he went, he had the same mission: keep the peace. Also shore up our influence in the seas, but we don’t need to get into […]

Bleaching Event

In  by April 30, 2021
As his wife passed through the hallway wearing a terrycloth bathrobe, her expression vacant, as if she’d slept in too long, Emery saw a painting through her neck. Her hair was up, the strands against her neck prematurely greyed, as was the rest of her, washed-out, losing substance. They hadn’t had a decent conversation in […]

Sweeten the Deal

In  by April 9, 2021
Her first days in the city, Jeanette had been jealous of Rhodri’s tomatoes and Michaela’s zucchinis with their shiny green skin. Also of Angelo’s chillies and lemongrass. And Dominic’s flourishing plot of begonias—in spite of the fact they weren’t really allowed; the block’s rooftop biodome was for edibles only. Still, she would have gladly grown […]

Uphill Both Ways in the Snow

In  by March 26, 2021
“Do I really have to be here for this?” said the finance minister, sweat rolling down his round face as they trudged across the shimmering tarmac. “You could let the rest of us talk to him and cut you out of the negotiations,” said the agriculture minister. “Nobody’s getting cut out of anything,” said State. […]


In  by March 12, 2021
It’s a long swim from the Border Protection Substation down to where the incursion was called in. But Qell’s away from her console, ignoring the fifth in a series of Hookd messages she’s been avoiding, so the journey down the water column is almost a relief. She has a job to do. And she and […]


In  by February 26, 2021
Tricia Hearst was in a good mood after a satisfying session of retail therapy. She’d found the gas mask she wanted to filter the air particles polluting the Metrodome. Her breathing was already improving, and she hoped it’d help her chronic cough. This success sweetened her mood so much she didn’t mind checking out the […]

A New Once Upon a Time

In  by January 29, 2021
“Okay everyone!” Mrs. Pratt called. “Time to turn in your drawings of the seasons and line up to go to music class.” Most of the kids cheered at that. A few groaned. All put the finishing touches on their art. Jason added the little frog he put in every drawing. Allison’s tongue found its way […]

The Cats of Kruger

In  by January 15, 2021
Asia’s head rested in my lap as I ran her monthly diagnostics. Monthlies required a physical port for field-grade checks and she never failed to seize a snuggling opportunity. The affectionate leader always came to me. Her brothers, Kivuli and Kisu, took their sweet time in wandering over for testing. Though all three cats were […]

When Last the Cicadas Sang

In  by December 18, 2020
“Let’s go listen for cicadas,” Ansibel said. The eight-year-old picked at a big book of insects with grubby fingernails. “They should come out soon.” Kara stood, stretching her old back. Weeding the garden next to her farmhouse had always been a way to relax after a long day, but it got harder and harder every […]

Exhibit E

In  by December 4, 2020
People first noticed it had changed on the turn of the full moon in October. For the many who looked up at night, the moon appeared different somehow, but they could not put their finger on what had changed. Like a patient looking at an X-ray, the shading looked wrong, but they couldn’t describe how […]
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