I Hope This Email Does Not Find You

S. G. Baker
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The Trials of the Thorsten Haugen

J. G. Follansbee
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Home Sick

M. Darusha Wehm
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In the Teeth of the Gale

Ramez Yoakeim
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In  by May 17, 2019
I’m staring at my mother. “What do you mean you’re not leaving?” We had just spent three exhausting days emptying her house ahead of Hurricane Zara’s impending landfall. Every computer, piece of radio equipment, book, antique, scrap of clothing, and bit of sentimental bric-a-brac is in the moving truck behind me. The autodrive is patiently […]

Dark Moon

In  by April 26, 2019
“Do you see it?” hissed Gramps, bony fingers digging into my shoulder. “See what?” I said, trying to shrug him off. “The moon, boy! The moon!” I rolled my eyes. Everyone knew you couldn’t see the moon. Not anymore, anyway. Not without a special lens at the end of a telescope, the features picked out […]


In  by April 5, 2019
One hundred and thirty-one light years away from her body, Susan watched neon-yellow waves rush up a beach of blue sand to wash over her golem’s bare feet. It was a dead planet, without a trace of even microscopic life. Worthless except as the perfect vantage point from which to watch the first real-world test […]

An Oasis of Amends

In  by March 15, 2019
You should have seen this, Rowan. From the observation platform on the converted oil rig, I watch the giant conveyor lift the chunks out of the Atlantic Ocean, see them climb to the coastal plain of Mauritania, see the freeway width of the belt disappear over the horizon, and feel like a Lego figurine in […]

The City We Built in Life

In  by March 1, 2019
Experience Arizona’s Man-Made Treasures! Julie’s face was taken over by a big grin as she unfolded the map. Navigator for the day, the eight-year-old had the honour of sitting up front. Mom and Adam sat in the back. Still early morning, the family had just checked out of their hotel in Flagstaff. “Dad was so […]

The Soft Eyes Open

In  by February 15, 2019
The first hint of change was my son’s eye colour. At breakfast one morning a shaft of sunlight struck Kai’s eyes. They were golden brown, with irises that seemed to swallow the whites. For a moment I was sure they’d been grey before, the next second I berated myself for being the kind of dad […]

The Way of Water

In  by January 25, 2019
She imagines its coolness gliding down her throat. Wet with a lingering aftertaste of fish and mud. She imagines its deep voice resonating through her in primal notes; echoes from when the dinosaurs quenched their throats in the Triassic swamps. Water is a shape shifter. It changes yet stays the same, shifting its face with […]


In  by December 21, 2018
The Steward directed its mobile robotic unit closer to the timber wolf splayed on the wet autumn leaves. Rain pelted down on the animal’s rough, grey fur. The robot, receiving the Steward’s instructions, extended a pincer toward the wolf’s chest, collecting sensory data and transmitting it back. The Steward began to design possible nonstandard reconfigurations […]

The Smallest Atom in the World

In  by December 7, 2018
Dear Hominid: By now, you are probably wondering where your chocolate is. Your apples and sunflowers have vanished, and strawberry shortcake is about to go AWOL. We could continue, but you have your own ever-growing list of lost food. Why? The European honey bees were the first to go on strike after they began to […]

The Soil Merchant

In  by November 9, 2018
Orson dragged his tired cart through the bustling square of another dust-covered town. A small bar built into the remains of an old gas station drew him in out of the heat. The place was empty but for a barkeep, and sun shone in solid beams through the dusty air. The soil merchant flexed his […]
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