The Climate Imaginarium—Call for Submissions

The Climate Imaginarium is a new consortium of climate organizations with a center for the arts on Governors Island in New York City. The Imaginarium serves as a community center for climate and culture, with galleries and spaces for exhibitions, performances, film screenings, and events that respond to the climate crisis with visions for hope […]

A Message to LBM Readers

In  by December 31, 2023
Hello everyone, I have some news to mark the end of 2023 that will likely disappoint a few of our readers. Little Blue Marble is going on a publishing hiatus. The length of this hiatus is undetermined at this time, but at minimum we will not be publishing at all in 2024, and perhaps longer. […]

The LBM 2023 Anthology is Out Now

In  by December 30, 2023
Our year-end anthology is now out and available for purchase! Head on over to the Little Blue Marble 2023: World on Fire page for a rundown on where you can find the ebook or print edition of your choice! Or, buy it now directly from our Gumroad store using the button in the sidebar.

The Explore Sci-Fi Worlds story Bundle

In  by July 19, 2023
Little Blue Marble is proud to be included in The Explore Sci-Fi Worlds Bundle - Curated by J. Scott Coatsworth. With eleven sci-fi anthologies and collections showcasing 116 authors—including Little Blue Marble 2022: Warmer Worlds—it's available for a limited time only: from July 19th to August 10th. This StoryBundle offers a large selection of ebooks from independent and […]

LBM Gets a Second Rhysling Nomination

In  by March 3, 2023
Little Blue Marble is delighted to announce that Maggie Chirdo's poem "Beneath Everything the Future Still Exists" has been nominated for SFPA's Rhysling Award in Speculative Poetry in the short poetry category. This is the second year running that poetry we've published has received a nomination. Many congratulations to Maggie!

Little Blue Marble 2020 Awards-Eligible Work

In  by January 9, 2020
For your consideration, since nominations for things like the Hugo, Nebula, Aurora, and Julius Vogel awards might be open already. Our eligible authors of original fiction and poetry this year hail from the US, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. In Fiction: In Poetry:

Little Blue Marble Awards-Eligible Authors & Stories

In  by January 24, 2019
Since it's that time of year, here's another list: the Little Blue Marble stories that are eligible for the SFF awards season. Note that Salvatore Difalco, Charlotte H. Lee, and Melissa Yuan-Innes are also eligible for the Canadian Aurora Awards.

Little Blue Marble's Top Stories of the Past Year

In  by January 2, 2019
Little Blue Marble nearly quadrupled our readership this year. We're normally not into lists, but here's a fun one: our most-viewed stories of the past year. 10 (Tie). Return of the Wild, Free the Sky, Chaser 9. The Streets Turned Blue and Green 8. Permafrost Thaw 7. The Astral Queen 6. Sea Change 5. A […]
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