Little Blue Marble 2020 Awards-Eligible Work

In  by January 9, 2020
For your consideration, since nominations for things like the Hugo, Nebula, Aurora, and Julius Vogel awards might be open already. Our eligible authors of original fiction and poetry this year hail from the US, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. In Fiction: In Poetry:

Little Blue Marble Awards-Eligible Authors & Stories

In  by January 24, 2019
Since it's that time of year, here's another list: the Little Blue Marble stories that are eligible for the SFF awards season. Note that Salvatore Difalco, Charlotte H. Lee, and Melissa Yuan-Innes are also eligible for the Canadian Aurora Awards.

Little Blue Marble's Top Stories of the Past Year

In  by January 2, 2019
Little Blue Marble nearly quadrupled our readership this year. We're normally not into lists, but here's a fun one: our most-viewed stories of the past year. 10 (Tie). Return of the Wild, Free the Sky, Chaser 9. The Streets Turned Blue and Green 8. Permafrost Thaw 7. The Astral Queen 6. Sea Change 5. A […]

Out Now: The Little Blue Marble 2018 Anthology

In  by December 20, 2018
Just in time to stuff your holiday stockings, the Little Blue Marble 2018 anthology is now available. All of this year's great stories in one spot for your reading pleasure. Check out the anthology page for a full list of where you can buy it. And if you're looking for a Boxing Day sale, the […]

Our Watery Coastal Futures

In  | by October 16, 2018
This interactive map by Climate Central shows how sea-level rise will impact coastal areas around the globe with varying degrees of temperature increases. These rises will not be immediate, but what we "lock in" if we let climate change continue unchecked. Even at 2 degrees Celsius, the impacts are enormous. Little Blue Marble is based […]

Meat or No Meat? The debate continues

In  | | by September 18, 2018
Here's an interesting counterpoint in the Guardian to the "giving up meat will save the climate" argument. The problem with abandoning meat is that the resulting industrial farming puts too much pressure on the soil, and depletes already limited fertilizer resources. In the UK topsoil depletion is so severe that in 2014 the trade magazine […]

Little Blue Marble Has a New Look

In  by September 6, 2018
Aren't we shiny and sleek? We've updated Little Blue Marble's look and feel to emphasize our original content. Now you can read each featured story in a full-page format free of sidebar distractions, and we'll only pester you to subscribe at the end. Our archive pages also surface older stories at random in the showcase […]

Submission response delays

In  | by June 25, 2018
We apologize to authors whose stories have been in our submission queue for an inordinate amount of time. Editorial has been experiencing some severe computer issues that we hope to have resolved by the beginning of July 2018.

Climate change won’t wait for political change

In  | | | by February 15, 2018
Over at the Star, Linda McQuaig writes about how taking action to stop climate change is often thwarted at the political level, often by politicians more beholden to Big Oil's interests than their constituents'. This despite the fact that more people in Canada now oppose than support things like new pipelines, and want to see their […]

The Great Global Species Shakeup

In  | | by December 12, 2017
The Toronto Star runs a great feature about species migration and their changing geographical locations as a result of climate change. How and where species will move is not completely intuitive. But these global averages mask local chaos: ecosystems aren’t plodding predictably forward in lockstep. Two trees in the same forest might respond totally differently. […]
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