The Boggart of Campsite C47

In  by February 10, 2023
Boggarts don’t generally pick up rubbish but Moulde has no choice today. Loosening tent pegs, pouring water on sleeping bags, opening cooler lids—nothing discourages this year’s campers. Like wild boars across Yorkshire moors, the bloody pillocks just keep marauding through the campgrounds of Alberta Western Provincial Park. What Moulde wouldn’t give to be back in […]

The Knells of Agassiz

In  by February 28, 2020
The breeze is too gentle and too warm against Emma’s cheeks as she steps out of the quad tiltrotor onto the gravel shoreline. The journey from more than seven hundred kilometres to the south has taken four hours. She sets the self-driving copter into standby mode with a swipe of her arm controls. “Emma, what’s […]

Bear #178

In  by July 26, 2019
The scientists put the metal box in my brain for a reason. They are wise and clever and I’m sure the reason must be a good one. Now, three campers face me on the trail just outside Banff. The tall one, a male, shows his teeth. When I was just a regular grizzly bear, I […]


In  by December 21, 2018
The Steward directed its mobile robotic unit closer to the timber wolf splayed on the wet autumn leaves. Rain pelted down on the animal’s rough, grey fur. The robot, receiving the Steward’s instructions, extended a pincer toward the wolf’s chest, collecting sensory data and transmitting it back. The Steward began to design possible nonstandard reconfigurations […]

Now You Can Take Little Blue Marble Home

In  by January 30, 2018
It's here! If you loved our stories this year, we've put them all together in one convenient collection for you. The Little Blue Marble 2017 anthology has arrived at a digital bookstore near you. Get all the stories we published in 2017 in one book. M. Darusha Wehm shows us our blue marble as viewed […]

A Distant Honk

In  by July 1, 2017
The footprints were as big as my snowshoe, the narrow heel a crisp outline, the impression not more than a couple of hours old. The clown tracks beelined from the forest edge toward my campsite, then grew more erratic as they disappeared between dark spruce trees hunched under their winter burdens. I shuddered, picturing it […]
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