Three Little Arcologies

In  by September 10, 2021
Once Upon A Time, there were three little buildings that dreamed of being self-sustaining. One was covered in stone, one in vinyl siding, but the third little building was covered in discarded things, in tar paper and tin foil and whatever happened to be on hand, and it was the strongest of them all. • […]

Seeing Clearly

In  by April 10, 2020
The water in the tank that circled the Mermaid Dining Room had gotten brackish and thick. Edwidge crawled onto a plasticine rock inside the tank. Her turbine sputtered and whined as it broke into the air. Papery algae slid under her silicone-coated fingers. She had to get to the performance cave. From the performance cave, […]

This is an Optimistic Science Fiction Story About the Future

In  by May 25, 2018
We all have jetpacks. I’m an old, overweight man with hairy legs, and I have a jetpack. No one judges and the jetpacks don’t care. They run on clean energy and smell like sesame seeds. The right-of-way laws are complicated. The danger of jetpack injuries results in a new type of “helicopter parent,” though some […]
This could be you


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