Shaping Lakes and Honeycakes

In  by April 14, 2023
Melia stood upon the shores of the receding lake, shaping her tale for the meagre audience of children and elders. Storyshaping always came easier when there were more listeners, but this was her third attempt this moon cycle at reshaping the lake’s story, with little to show for her efforts; she couldn’t blame the others […]

An Intersection of Parallel Lives

In  by July 8, 2022
“You don’t need a reason to save people,” I argue to the boss. But apparently, if I’m flying on her dime, I do. In the end, it’s the chickens that win her over. The records I uncovered deep in the archives state that two centuries ago, when the Novus and its passengers departed to colonize […]

The Heavenly Dreams of Mechanical Trees

In  by January 31, 2020
Trees were never intended to be sentient beings, or God would have created them that way, back in the Garden. Ailanthus ponders this sometimes as the sun’s rays prickle her leaves’ tiny solar panels and the tubules of her stems absorb the afternoon’s deluge. If the Tree of Knowledge had a voice, would it have […]
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